05 February 2012

Journal entry: 200 "looks" in the first 10 days!

I am thrilled that there have already been 200 "looks" at this blog. To generate traffic to the sight, I have emailed 70 friends and posted comments on three networking articles on the Harvard Business Review www.hbr.com and two comments on other sites. I can see that the Harvard Business Review generated about half of the attention because it is listed as a source, almost all of my friends had a look - I know this because they all looked before I took any other action, which means that there has to have been another source of traffic as well - or people have visited more than once.

In addition, I have taken two more steps: followed Google's advice and registered my blog at technorati.com, short code 5Y22W7HQSPKD , and posted a contest for graphic design students to design the book cover for The Networking Workshop series. This is posted in half a dozen Student Graphic Design groups on Facebook. So far there has been no reaction.

To prepare for a big email, my daughter and I are busy entering all of my business cards into my computer address book. I want to send an email to everyone telling them about the blog. Entering all of the cards is a big job and is long overdue! Mid-March, I will be attending a big conference and want to make sure that everyone knows about the Blog and eBook plans before I get there.


  1. Way to go Cathy ! Up and running.

  2. Thanks for your encouragement Nimmity.

    The next step is to start Social Networking to attract even more attention!