20 May 2012

Using Professional Associations to meet people

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Dear Cath
In July, I will be presenting a paper at an international conference in San Diego, California, USA. How can I use my Professional Association to connect with people in the local area?
Kind regards
Name withheld
Aerospace Engineer, Germany

Dear Aerospace Engineer
One of the great benefits of Professional Associations is their ability to connect you with like-minded and relevant people in other geographic areas. Contact the membership director of relevant associations and ask for an introduction to the type of members that you want to meet. Be specific with your needs, e.g. you are hoping to meet other aerospace engineers in Southern California, or you want to meet members that are attending the same conference, etc. If you are a member of the same association, they may let you post an announcement of your talk on their LinkedIn or Facebook page.

Remember to be gracious and polite, as it is you that is asking a favour, give them enough time to act, and send an email thanking them afterwards.

It is also a good opportunity to find a new association to join! And don't be surprised if they try to recruit you to their club.

If you like, I can arrange an introduction to Women in Aerospace in the USA on your behalf. They have always been very helpful.
Kind regards

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